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Infiniti Electrics

Infiniti Electrics Picture Box
If you are in the Malaga WA area and need some electrics help when it comes to installation, then you need to give us a call at Infiniti Electrics. We really do think that we are the best when it comes to the competition in the Malaga WA area. If you check our our beautiful website you will immediately know all of the services that we can potentially offer you if you let us. We have our fast and friendly service but we also have something that none of our competitors in this area are going to offer you as well, which is our quality guarantee. Fast and friendly which is important does not really mean a lot of there is no quality in the world, which is our promise to you.

Infiniti Electrics

1b/181 Beringarra Ave Malaga WA

1800 111 007


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